Source Technology Group

About Us

Source Technology Group L.L.C., a division of E&M Management L.L.C. was formed after having spent many years as a contractor on the GSA Schedule 75.  As a contractor we learned first hand that doing business with the government isn't easy and you constantly have to think outside of the box.  The key component to our success was based on offering as large of catalog as possible to the government, which resulted in exponential growth of our government sales.  We quickly found many other contractors who were doing little to no volume with their limited, often niche catalog could benefit by mirroring our simple process.  From that need, our concept was born and is now being implemented by many contractors on various schedules.  We supply contractors with all the needed tools to grow their catalog size without having to bring on dozens of vendors, keeping up with a 50,000+ item catalog and all the growing pains that come along with the thousands of increased orders.  Now, no longer a contractor ourselves we are able to increase our focus, helping small businesses get a leg up on their government sales.

SourceTech now has partnerships that include:
26 Schedule 75 Contracts
3 Schedule 70 Contracts
1 Schedule 81 Contract
1 Schedule 36 Contract
1 Schedule 58I Contract
3 DOD Contracts
There are many companies currently offering what they are calling contract management. We have researched the majority of them and none, to our knowledge truly help you grow your contract.  Our Partnership Program not only handles the tasks that your typical contract management company would but we also go above an beyond with contract growth being the primary focus.  You get the best of both worlds without incurring fees.

Our Partnership Program is primarily centered around these goals:
Increase the number of items on your contract.
Increase the number of orders you receive.
Decrease workload for the contract owner.
Assist with with all areas pertaining to the GSA.

The major benefit to our service is our partners ability to continue to focus on their niche business.  Our partners continue to process the orders for their existing items a normal, while we, as a third party order processor handle the rest on the contractors behalf.  From receiving the order, processing the order, making sure the customer received the item, paying the IFF Fee (Industrial Funding Fee), processing payments, handling any returns and customer service inquires and everything in between.  We also handle all the tracking sales data for your Report Card Visits. 
Jeff Sneed, Vice President -
Jeff has been in the industry for over 18 years. His knowledge of the supply industry is un-paralleled and his understanding of  contracts and business management have driven down our cost to serve our customers. As a result we are able to offer services that our competitors do not, for far less and more efficiently too!  He is constantly striving to see our team work together to achieve one goal; continual increase of quality sales.

Scott Dickey, Director of Operations -
Scott starting making his mark in the industry in 2007 with the specific mission to drive government sales and has been a key player in our innovative process.  Scott's understanding of GSA contracts including eMod preparation and submission, file retention and compliance and SIP software understanding give that extra comfort to our customers that their contract will be handled with delicate professionalism.

Erin Hanson, Vendor Relations and Accounting -
One of the most important tasks for us to be successful is to create, grow and maintain quality relationships with our vendors and manufacturers. That is how Erin fits into our team. During her time with our organization, Erin has fostered a positive relationship with numerous vendors and hundreds of manufactures. Her attention to detail and her ability to seek out new opportunities has played a vital role in our success. 

Ann Throckmorton, Pricing Coordinator -
Rhonda Moore, Contract Specialist -
Courtney Wells, Contract Specialist -

Our contract specialists play a vital role in efficient handling of incoming customer requests, partner communication and product fulfillment.  Their understanding of the Three C's (Customer, Company and Competitor) have been a driving force in our growing company.  Their desire to succeed will be a driving force for your contract too.